Learning community

A learning community addressed to all training participants and professionals interested in Information Literacy is active at the following link.

The methodology underpinning the creation of e-learning solutions for CARONTE project is based on consolidated instructional design models and learning theories and focus on social learning, specifically on structured courses designed to meet job-related training goals. They are suitable for professional contexts characterized by teamwork, research activity and high specialization. They have been developed for professionals who are still motivated to improve their job-related tasks and knowledge.

Obviously adult learners’ characteristics are different from fulltime students ‘ones, and this element influences the design of learning programmes. In particular, adult learners need to know the benefits of learning (why they have to learn something); like to learn experientially; approach learning as problem-solving; learn better where they can see the immediate value and application of content; and prefer to study at a time, place and pace convenient for them.