Course “Information Literacy addressed to energy and sustainability technicians”

Training course at ITS-TEC, Ferrara (Italy). First lesson.
Ferrara, Italy

The first lesson of the course “Information Literacy for higher technician for buildings innovation and rehabilitation” has been delivered within the educational path “Higher technician for sustainability and energy efficiency of the building-territory system” at the (ITS) Foundation “Energia Ambiente Costruire” in Ferrara.

In general ITS educational paths last two years full time (about 2000 hours) and represent, in the Italian education system, the educational tertiary segment, out of University, aiming at offering to participants the possibility to achieve specialized competencies in relation to energy and BIM management.

The CARONTE course “Information Literacy for higher technician for buildings innovation and rehabilitation” has been delivered to ITS-TEC second year students (20 participants) and embedded into the curriculum, in specific into the slot of hours dedicated to the preparation of their final project work. The course lasted a total of 20 hours, divided in four 5-hours meetings within about 6 weeks. It represent a prototype, designed as part of a wider series of training activities addressed to prospective professionals and managers and realized in the framework of CARONTE project.

The professional profile of energy and sustainability technicians implies the identification of possible solutions for energy saving in terms of insulating materials and innovative technologies, and the promotion of the conscious use of resources within energy improvement interventions, structural interventions and environmental comfort measures, with an approach to circular economy. Therefore, CARONTE training aims at providing the basic information and digital knowledge and basic skills to be able to navigate the technical and scientific information landscape related to innovative materials and energy with an approach to innovation and sustainable construction. CARONTE course enhances the abilities to access, plan, manage effectively specific information, and to make informed choices, stay up to date or identify documents and information of interest to support the professional activity.

The training – 4 lessons - focuses on the methodological and cognitive dimension, but also on the acquisition of the awareness necessary to be able to master the process of documentary research in its different stages. Particular attention has been dedicated to the improvement of search strategies on the Internet as a privileged channel for accessing information, documents and free-of-charge resources.

The first lesson has been focused on the technical and scientific information ecosystem, on some of the production processes characterizing it, on the peculiarities of the different digital information resources in the sustainable building sector, innovative materials and energy sustainability and on their accessibility and availability online.

Second lesson

Third lesson

Fourth lesson