iCaronte marchio

The trademark “ICARONTE INFORMATION COMPETENCES” has been deposited at EUIPO (European Union Office for Intellectual Property) with Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche as owner of the trademark. Guided by firm collaborators, the CARONTE trademark has been registered Free license is granted to all other CARONTE partners, EIT RawMaterials gmbh included.

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CARONTE @Stockholm RAISE First workshop


During the First RAISE workshop held in Stockholm (5-6 December 2019), the CARONTE project coordinator presented the project activities and contents to the RAISE consortium.

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Find researchers, teamwork and organizations


In companies there is a frequent need to f experts on a specific topic or to identify research groups and institutions at the forefront in a specific technology, process or material in the world or in their own Country.

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Stay updated on your topic

stay updated

Scientific updating intended as the ability to "monitor" a specific area of interest for a specific period of time, collecting information, updates, trends, etc. is a competence that can become crucial in business and research.

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Management and sharing of information in teamwork

management and sharing

Information management and online collaboration is a common task for each working group in company.

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